As a Naturopath I aim to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from reoccurring. I can help you achieve a new state of well-being, maximising the quantity and quality of your life. 
Hereditary factors, past and present lifestyles are taken into account along with your physical and emotional state. Many of the treatment plans I prescribe may involve dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of top quality practitioner only supplements and herbs. 
I will provide clear explanations, advice and education on how we are going to manage your health condition along with meal suggestions, recipes and recommendations on where to shop for certain products such as wheat, gluten and dairy-free products, so you can achieve the highest possible level of health.

Medical Herbalist

A personalised herbal formula will be tailor made to aid your health condition if required. Your vitality and underlying physical and emotional state will be considered when formulating this formula for you.
Herbal medicine also known as phytomedicine or botanical medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to man. Five thousand years of traditional knowledge and new scientific research has identified many plants posses a range of beneficial effects in our long-term health when consumed, and have been proven to be very effective in treating diseases
As a Medical Herbalist I use the whole component of the plant's active component ( flower, seed, leaf or root). Thus ensuring the balance of the plants biochemical compounds are in harmony as nature intended, aiding the natural balance our body requires. 
I purchase my herbs from a renown supplier who has scientifically tested each batch of herbs to ensure the biochemical components are of a set standard to ensure the most effective results.

Therapeutic Massage 

I provide relaxation, deep tissue and pregnancy massage as a way to maintain and increase your well-being.
Massage relieves muscular tension and encourages relaxation, reducing the stress our world throws at us. Massage is a great way to speed your recovery from injuries, along with aiding the body in eliminating toxic waste our lifestyle and environment exposed us too.
Massage releases our bodies endorphins enhancing our mood and can be very effective in reducing depression.


Reiki healing is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and aid relaxation, which also promotes healing. It's administered by " Laying on Hands". The "laying on hands" re-tune and increase the bodies energy flow, enhancing mood and our health and well-being.


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